How do you build a class like this?

1. Web hosting for students/faculty:

Reclaim Hosting
Domain of One’s Own

2. Familiarize yourself with Digital Humanities:

Books and Journals

A New Companion to Digital Humanities
Journal of Digital Humanities


Steven Lubar, Brown University- Introduction to Public Humanities
James McGrath, Brown University- Digital Public Humanities
Michael J. Altman, University of Alabama- Public Humanities and Religious Studies

Other Resources

Digital Humanities Now
The Digital Humanities Slack

3. Think about what DH tools and methods interest you.

What fits your research interests? What suits your department/college needs and strengths?
Learn with your students.
What are you curious about?

4. Find campus resources

Talk to your libraries!
Talk to your ed-tech people!
Talk to your colleagues!

5. Decide on your digital course infrastructure

Dropbox/Box/Google Drive